These apps have a substantial amount of free content, and are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play unless otherwise specified.  These are not sponsored links; they’re simply resources I’ve come across that I’ve found useful.


Calm Harm app logoCalm Harm: 5- and 15-minute strategies to ride out the wave of self-harm urges


CalmintheStorm.jpgCalm in the Storm (only on the Apple App Store): stress management and safety plan tools


Done_appDone: A Simple Habit Tracker (only on the App Store)


eMoods bipolar mood tracker logo eMoods bipolar mood tracker


Grateful_appGrateful: A Gratitude Journal (only on the Apple app store): gratitude journal with prompts


Happify  Happify: guides you in building skills along chosen tracks


Mindshift   MindShift from AnxietyBC: symptom check-in, thought tools, relaxation strategies, coping activities


MoodfitMoodfit: mindfulness and breathing exercises, track factors like mood and sleep


nOCD app logonOCD (only on the Apple App Store): self-help for OCD based on CBT (exposure and response prevention)


PacificaPacifica: mood and health activity tracking, CBT tools, and meditation


SAM  Self-help for Anxiety Management (SAM): tracking tools and coping strategies


TruReachTruReach: CBT audio lessons


Whatsup.png  What’s up – A Mental Health App: tracking tools, coping strategies, info on mental health topics


Meditation apps

Simple HabitYou can get a 2-week free trial of the premium version via this link


InsightTimer Insight Timer



                                                          SmilingMInd.jpg   Smiling Mind


Suicide prevention apps

You can find more suicide prevention resources here.


TheLifeLineThe LifeLine: strategies and tools to cope with and interrupt suicidal thoughts, and info about suicide prevention crisis lines and chat resources

My Coping Plan app logoMy Coping Plan: lets you prepare a crisis coping plan that includes activities and people to reach out to

My3 app logoMy3: allows you to prepare a crisis plan, and identify the top 3 people you would turn to


Stay Alive app logoStay Alive: tools to use if you or someone you know are feeling suicidal


Assorted useful apps

Diet tracking: Keeping track of what you’re putting into your body can be very useful when you’re tying to improve your overall health.  MyFitnessPal is my favourite because of its huge database of different food items, including restaurant menu items.  I also like HealthWatch 360.

Physical symptom trackers: Our bodies often tell us a lot about our mental health.  I use  Symple (only on the Apple App Store) to keep track of what’s happening in my body, and Flo to keep track of all things menstrual cycle-related.

Getting organized: Often when we’re unwell, it’s harder to think clearly and keep track of things.  I find Google calendar and Google Keep to be really helpful at keeping me on the ball.


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